MDM - Micro Data Management

MDM is CAD.I.TECH’s PDM / PLM solution.
Catering for organisations of any size, MDM provides access to a wide range of features, combined with extensive customisation options, giving the customer the assurance that its “project / product” data management system will be successfully implemented. Integration with the PTC’s CAD Creo® platform and Pro/ENGINEER® makes MDM the ideal medium both for the management of native CAD data and for any other type of document stream.
The entire life cycle of the product can therefore be managed with the involvement of all departments concerned.

Basic Features of MDM:

  • Controlled access to the system with user Login and Password,
  • recognition of user profile and the allocation of the corresponding rights
  • Data Archiving, Versioning and Logging
  • Features for controlling the sequence of allocated Revisions and Versions
  • Allocation and management of Attributes and metadata
  • Management of different Work and Archive Areas
  • Search, Check-in and Check-out features and Concurrency control of data access
  • Management of Native CAD relationships (Creo® or Pro/ENGINEER®):
    • Assembly Relationships
    • Layout Relationships (drawing <> model/s)
    • Family Table Relationships (generic <> instance)
    • External Relationships between models (e.g. copy geom., merge etc.).
  • Where Used
  • Life Cycle, Workflow and Notification Management
  • Management of the Technical Specification
  • Product Structure Management
  • “Logical” data structuring for the management of the Project/Product/Job

MDM optional modules
MDM is a scalable platform; its capabilities can be expanded by adopting some optional modules.
These include

  • MDM Web Access Server and Client: for data access via the web
  • MDM BOM Manager: for the management of technical master data and basic specifications
  • MDM Project Assistant: for the management of the project / job
  • MDM Winning Tools: a suite of tools to enhance Creo® and MDM

It is intuitive, easy to use and with the potential for practically unlimited customisation. With these properties, MDM is the ideal tool for offering effective computer support to workflows and organisational
processes, as well as promoting a company’s unique features. The architecture involves the use of the MS SQL Database server with a well-known data model and plain text files, ensuring security, continuity in development and the ability to integrate with constantly evolving computer infrastructure.

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